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AMA competition regulations can be found here. The FAI sporting code can be found here. Below are the rules for Air to Air and Nostalgia combat.


This event is intended as a grass roots speed limit control line combat event with scale type models that encourages all skill levels to participate.


Specific Details:


1.  Any plane may be used - the model’s total weight must be less than 48 ounces.


2. Any engine up to .40 cubic inch may be used with any type fuel system and fuel.


3. Line length is 60’ +- 6”, and the diameter shall be a minimum of 0.018”. Handles must have a safety strap that attaches to the pilots wrist. All connections must be covered to prevent hanging up on your opponent’s lines.


4.  Speed Limit is 75mph = 7.3 seconds for 2 laps with a full streamer.


5. Streamers and leader string should be of equal length for all competitors. The length and material is at the discretion of the organizer; 10’ string and 10’ bio-degradable flagging tape is a good suggestion. Note that plastic flagging tape is a bad choice.


6. Random draws for all rounds with no repeat parings until all possible parings have been exhausted. All the points from each round will be added together to get the final score.  Optional eliminations- after the points rounds the top four flyers will be matched 1 and 4, 2 and 3. The loser of each match will fly again for 3rd and 4th, the winners fly for 1st and 2nd.


7. Matches are 5 minutes. The judges will give a signal to start the engines and the 5 minutes will begin at that time. After both planes are up and approx. 180 degrees apart the judges will signal the start of combat. At the end of the 5 min the judges will signal to stop.


Match Scoring:


1.  Each pilot will earn 1 point for each second their model is airborne during the 5 minutes of the match.


2. Streamer cuts will be 100pts each. Cutting the string will count as a cut only if there is streamer attached to it.


3.  If both pilots complete the match without a midair collision that causes a crash, line entanglement that causes a crash, or flyaway, both pilots will receive a 200 pt. bonus. If one plane crashes independently of the other only the pilot not involved with the ground will get the 200 point bonus.


4.  Realism Points:  Each model that is flown in a match will be judged for realism based on the general outline as well as the paint color, scheme and markings. These points will be added to the match score of each match flown. Once judged, that model carries those points forward, even if damaged during the event.


5. Electric powered models will receive 100 points to begin each match plus realism score. RC control for the throttle is allowed but only 100% or off, you may not adjust the throttle in the air. Small “blips” are allowed to adjust the prop to horizontal on landing.





Realism Scoring:



1.         0 points for typical unlimited combat aircraft.


2.         50 points for typical unlimited combat aircraft with color and scale markings.


3.         100 points for non-scale profile type aircraft, i.e. Flight Streak, Ringmaster, etc.


4.         125 points for scale profile type aircraft that is identifiable as a specific full scale aircraft but no scale paint scheme..


5.         150 points for non-scale profile type aircraft, i.e. Flight Streak, Ringmaster, etc. with a scale paint scheme


6.         175 points for scale profile or built up fuselage type aircraft that is identifiable as a specific full scale aircraft and realistic paint scheme.


         Nostalgia Combat


This event will follow the same rules as slow combat (speed limit), with the following exceptions.

  1. Event year specifications will be determined by the CD prior to event. Some like pre 1963, some like pre 1970. Some like a baffled piston, some are ok with a flat top piston. But all will be limited to a single bypass engine. Single bypass with a Perry port will be allowed. Some like speed limits, some like it open. Specs will be determined by CD prior to the event.

  2. If a speed limit is chosen. It will be determined by the same rules in slow combat.

  3. Aircraft will be a kitted, or published airplane of the era. Static points will be given to the aircraft. Judges will be designated to score aircraft.  

           A: Aircraft is painted as displayed on kit box……………………….100 pts.

           B: Aircraft uses same engine as on plans……………………………….50 pts.

           C: Aircraft is a pre 1963 design (shown on plans or article)…..100 pts.

           D: Aircraft is a rebuilt turd with no overall appeal……………… -100 pts.

           E: You must bring your own proof of paint and engine for your aircraft to receive bonus points.

           F: A modified kit will not receive bonus points (mono boom, extended wing, long booms) unless                            it is a factory kit modification. Any fuel system is allowed without penalty.

  1. This will be a start your engine own event. If a pilot is not willing to start their own he will be allowed to stand outside the flying circle until his pit crew has removed the starting battery. At that point he may go to the handle for his flight. An electric starter may be used 30 seconds after the start of the match.

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